Should your company use internet fax?

Should your company use internet fax?

The business of a company will usually bring many decisions that will determine the success or failure of your business. Choosing how to create your companys communications system is undoubtedly one of the important decisions you will have

to do.

How your company communicates with its customers, employees, business partners, suppliers, freight brokers ... are all important for driving an efficient business. Your communication system should be integrated, seamless and accessible everywhere.

Simply put You must connect all your activities together to a useful network where none of these listed cartridges will be omitted. Everyone should be connected and easily accessible. regardless of time of day or location.

An obvious part of the companys communications system is Office Fax. However, the old traditional fax machine is slowly replaced by a new child in the neighborhood. For the reasons listed above and below, many companies choose to use Internet Fax as their preferred fax method. If you are not familiar with online or email faxing, some background information may be helpful.

Internet Fax simply uses the Internet and your email system to send and receive faxes, anywhere at any time. Its mobile, paperless, efficient and you will not receive any recorded signals. Plus, there is no need for a second phone line.

Internet Fax is an extremely fast, convenient and easy way to send and receive your faxes. To use Internet Fax, you must register with a fax service provider where you receive a local or free number and a webpage to send and receive your faxes. Your fax service provider acts as a mediator, handles all your faxes if they come from a regular fax machine or from another Internet Fax user. Faxes are sent as attached attachments, usually in TIFF, PDF or JPEG format. Most services also let you store your faxes online so that they are available wherever you have internet and these days its just about everywhere.

Internet fax is private and secure with SSL and PGP encryption. Most if not all companies comply with such privacy rules as Gramm Leach Bliley and HIPAA in the United States and PIPEDA in Canada. Your faxes sent and received by email can be protected by PGP encryption.

Internet Fax also has some special benefits for companies working in remote locations or away from the office, such as real estate agents, engineers, builders and contractors, travel agencies ... just to name a few.

Plus, remember, Internet Fax is completely scalable to meet your business needs. You can have or expand to different fax numbers for each department or seller in your company at no cost to install all of the additional phone lines.

Then there is Fax Broadcasting where you can quickly and easily send the same fax to thousands of agents or clients. This should not be confused with JunkFaxes similar to email spam. Faxing can be a very important factor for your companys competitiveness.

If you choose Internet Fax, there are many famous online fax providers that you can use as MyFax, eFax, RapidFax, TrustFax and Send2Fax. You should also consider some lesser known fax providers like Metrofax from Seattle and Faxage outside Denver. Sometimes, a relatively smaller company comes to provide you with better individual service ... you or your company will not get lost in the audience or in large numbers.

Many companies and individuals also like to consolidate all their telephone fax services to a supplier. RingCentral is a popular choice because it gives you virtual phone and fax services, all rolled into one.

If you are using an Internet Fax service, make sure you are about to find the best plan that suits your needs. Plans range from a very modest 20 a year to about 10 to 15 a month. Each plan has a different number of faxes that you can send and receive. Prices are usually based on minutes ... so multiple page faxes will cost more at 5 cents per minute the average cost. Keep in mind that international faxes usually cost more.

Because Internet Faxes means the web and computers, it can be fully automated to meet your needs. It can be used to connect and integrate your entire work network. Also, remember that Internet faxing is the future issue, if you want your business to stay completely competitive in this brave new computerized world, you need to have online faxing.

Just like a business decision, it really comes down to a stick, its not about being able to use Internet Fax, but if you really can afford not to use it. Its your decision?

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